About Us

Biklink is an online market for buying and selling freelance services. The site provides many categories for freelance services, including writing and translation services, designing and editing services , and programming and software editing services.

We are going to highlight all the details that the user needs to know about Biklink. 

What is Biklink?

Biklink is an online platform for organizing all the operations of buying and selling freelance services. So, the site is basically a broker between the freelancer and the customer. In the final years, many people are directing towards working from home, or what we call “Freelance”. Many computer users are depending on this thing as a main source of funds. But, the problem exists in that there are some freelancers who are cheating customers. So, Biklink provides a safe place, where the cuscan find the freelance service he needs, and also choose the suitable freelancer to do the service for him. The safe funds transactions are one of the special features of Bikink, so the customer will not get paid until finishes the work desired by the customer. This site protects the customer right to give the service he wants, and protects the freelancer rights and funds after selling the services.

How does Biklink work?

Biklink is mainly a broker between the freelancer and the customer. The operation starts from that the customer browses the site, and chooses the category of the freelance service, then determines the best rated and efficient freelancer to buy the service from him. The customer and the freelancer are communicating with each other through the site to determine the quantity of work, prices, and date of delivering the work to the customer. Then, the customer buys the freelancer service, then the freelancer finishes the work, and if the work is done according to the desired plan by the customer, the freelancer gets paid. This operation from the start to the end is organized by the Biklink administration.

The funds

As Biklink protects the customer’s rights when he buys a service through the site, and the freelancer rights to get paid when he finishes the work, also the site has the legal right to protect its rights. Biklink organizes the deals of buying and selling freelance services, and gets his commissions.

Biklink is an online freelancer services market. So, any freelance service is sold through Biklink, the site has a commission from the selling price. Also, the site takes a commission for every freelance service that is bought through the site.

The user of Biklink, whether a freelancer or customer should know that, so we recommend to read this article before using the site.

The target of the site

The main goal of Biklink is to provide a safe environment for selling and buying freelance services, and guarantee the rights of both freelancers and customers. Also, the site has no legal rights to get involved in these deals, or use users data or information with other sites. The privacy protection of the user is the main priority of Biklink. 

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