Privacy policy

Our site is a broker between the freelancer and the customer, where the freelancer is the seller and the customer is the buyer. So, Biklink administration has strict rules to protect the rights of both the service seller and the customer. The target of these rules is also to make a strong shield for the privacy of the data of all site users. These data are associated with their accounts on Biklink, their funds, and also their communications with other Biklink’ users.

By creating an account on Biklink, you are agreed with the privacy policy of the site, so read it carefully.

Biklink account data

Once the user creates an account on Biklink, to sell a freelance service or buy one, the site administration will protect all the data of the user and its information on the site like: email, services, and funds. So, the site provides a safe environment for freelancers to work and get paid, and also guarantees that the customer will find the suitable service he needs.

Biklink and legal responsibilities

Biklink is a broker and organizer for the operation of selling a freelance service between the freelancer and the customer. So, the site keeps all selling and buying operations through it in a legal way. The site has no legal right to explore or steal users data and contents. But the site has the legal responsibility to block some users activities on the site if they are misbehaving on the site. 

The user is the only one to be blamed and exposed for legal punishments if he used the site in illegal activity such as: impersonating, cheating other users.

The site has no responsibility for any losses in funds of the user, caused by his unawareness for site terms of use, or his illegal behavior through the site.

The censorship

Biklink has the responsibility to keep all users' communications through the site in the legal way. One impotent feature of this legal responsibility is to watch the users who misbehave on the site and, and apply all the legal procedures to prevent that. The censorship of users content doesn’t mean that the site is revealing the users data, but this censorship is essential for protecting the site and its users from any insults or violations.

What the Biklink user needs to know

       Once you create an account on Biklink, whether he is a freelancer or a customer, he should know these notes and tips:

       Always use your real information to create your Biklink account.

       Do not ever to impersonate other persons or Biklink users.

       Do not share your account data and information with anyone.

       The site has no responsibility for any funds transactions are completed out of the site.

       You must follow the site rules, and prevent any illegal activities that could be done on the site.

       The users data are protected, so no one has any legal rights to reveal these data. And anyone doing this will be punished legally.

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